you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


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  • New Address, New Look

    Welcome to! This is an online space where art meets politics and all that falls in between. As you will notice, you can still find me by using the old address, it’s just that now you can also find my online world by simply typing into the address bar! You may also […]

  • DAY 6: Dr. Thema Tweets

    I do a lot of healing work in my own life. I do the inner healing work so that I can be effective and responsible with the outer healing work. It is a process and one that I am learning to be more and more patient with every single day. Somewhere along that journey, I […]

  • DAY 3: Energy Speaks

    Energy speaks louder than words to me. For a writer, aka someone who has a deep love affair with words, you may be surprised to know that I pick up on your energy well before I do what you have to say. I am open and often eager to hear what others have to say, […]

  • DAY 2: Embracing Your Own “New Normal”

    Every day or so, it is common to hear the phrase the “new normal” thrown around in conversation. The “new normal” is like this mythological creature of the future filled with uncertainty and imagination. We are starting to see the implementation of rules worldwide that may constitute what the “new normal” looks like, but still […]

  • DAY 1: Fly, Firefly

    When I decided to embark upon a 30 day challenge which, includes posting to my blog for every one of those 30 days, I instantly knew where to begin: Firefly. Firefly is a poem written by Jungle Flower, a warrior poet who is dear to my heart. Jungle Flower is the founder of Reclaim Your […]

  • 30 Day Challenge!

    Tonight I found myself on LinkedIn which led me to watch a series of TED talks under the playlist “For those who want to break out of their shell.” It’s not that I feel like I have to break out of my shell per se, but a person can never hurt from having a lil’ […]

  • This Week’s Human Rights Report

    “I’m enraged with emotion, do you fear it’s insincere? I dropped a grenade on the floor, watched it explode had no fear.” – Arielle London This past week we have seen horrific stories develop in the news. Every week the news cycle presents stories of systemic failures but this week I’d like to highlight three […]

  • Writing Services Free Of Charge for COVID-19 Help

    If anyone needs writing done for their businesses at this time, I am offering my writing services free of charge. Whether it’s for constructing sensitive e-mails to staff or the public, informative articles or anything that requires the written word, my services are available to you. I have years of professional writing experience, strength in […]

  • Happy 8-Year Anniversary To Me!

    Yes Internet, it has been 8 years! It has been 8 years since I have been gracing your screens with articles of an opinionated nature. 8 years ago today The Montreal Gazette published my very first Op-Ed which was an article about the right to peaceful protest. The piece was published both online and in […]

  • The Most Offensive Four Letter Word

    Love is important. It can be fleeting and yet deep, long-term but yet surprising. Love is the drive you make at 2 am because you need to be near her. Love is the meal you prepare because you want your significant other energized for their day. Love is music that finds you when you need […]