you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


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  • The Devil’s Mistress Is Now Available Across Platforms Worldwide

    The Devil’s Mistress Is Now Available Across Platforms Worldwide

    Years back, when I was just starting out as a recording artist, I recorded a song called The Devil’s Mistress, TDM. TDM was a representation of all of the anger and confusion I had experienced as a survivor of relationship rape. Charles Hamilton had sent me the beat, and the words just flowed out of […]

  • I Am A Children’s Rights Activist, Not Prom Queen

    I Am A Children’s Rights Activist, Not Prom Queen

    I am an artivist on a relentless pursuit to improve the lives of children globally. That’s my mission and I make no mystery of my agenda. Being a children’s rights advocate means often not being exactly the most liked but luckily reality is not high school. This ain’t no popularity contest. In other words, I […]

  • I Got Me: 10 Years Since The Lie

    I Got Me: 10 Years Since The Lie

    I have nothing to prove. To anyone. I spent years on and off being monitored around the clock by psychiatric inpatient teams, constantly on camera, constantly being poked and prodded with the stimulus of their choosing, and then watching them write down some variation on the truth (or just completely blatant lies) in the notes. […]

  • #MentalHealth: A Documentary

    #MentalHealth: A Documentary

    There was a time where I was so scared to say anything that my mouth just simply wouldn’t move. My lips wouldn’t separate, my teeth would clench, and my jaw would stay firmly in place.  I was traumatized. But that day is not today. Today, I finally released a project that I have been working […]

  • “You’re The Girl Who’s Friends Died”

    “You’re The Girl Who’s Friends Died”

    With tears filled in my eyes, I remember getting the news. I’ll never forget it. I wandered in the very public shopping mall until I found a crease in the wall to collapse onto before finally succumbing to the floor. I was in Montreal and my best friend from Calgary was calling to tell me […]

  • How To Write A Memoir

    How To Write A Memoir

    Since we’re all busy reflecting on 2021, I am currently in the process of doing the same. And, since the year in review is looking like I overcame a lot of fears and experienced a lot of milestones, it’s time to reflect on perhaps one of the biggest professional milestones of not only my year […]

  • I’m A Certified Human Rights Consultant

    I’m A Certified Human Rights Consultant

    It’s official, I am a human rights consultant! Today I completed my consultancy training at the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights and I feel so energized about what’s to come in the New Year! I had been planning on taking this course for a long time and today was literally my first opportunity. […]

  • Britney Spears Is Free!

    Britney Spears Is Free!

    That headline is my favorite headline of my blogging career. And you should know that I have been blogging since I was 10, which was… well, I won’t tell you exactly when that was. But Britney Spears is free!!!!!!! Britney has been freed from her abusive conservatorship. Hall-leh-fuckin-leu-liah!!!!!!!! For those of us who have been […]

  • Do You See You? Book Reading

    Do You See You? is my first person testimony with respect to an abusive relationship I experienced during my twenties. It was not an easy book to write, but it was an important story for me to share. There have been tears shed almost every step of the way, but they were almost necessary to […]

  • Do You See You?

    Do You See You? tells the story of a young twenty-something Arielle London looking for love and finding it in the wrong places. This autobiographical account follows Arielle as she embarks upon a new relationship and a new journey studying Human Rights abroad in London, England. Except things aren’t all as they seem to be, […]