you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


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  • New Music: Love Rehab

    Part of the recording process is the releasing of the material. It starts often in a dimly lit room with a pen and a paper, then to the booth and from there out to the ears of the public. I think the artist in me loves the creative part of the process the most. That […]

  • Diaries of A SoundCloud Rapper (Volume I)

    I found my ground going through my triggers, not by avoiding them. I dismantled them from root to end to discover they only had power because I gave it to them. As a singer I couldn’t abandon music even when it was misleading me mentally as it was one of my triggers. I dove head […]

  • NOWAW EP Release

    It started off as a mixtape and ended up an EP. I want to let the music do most of the talking but I will say this to the music: Thank You. You are my sense of release in a world full of chaos and my greatest teacher. No One Wins At War is available […]

  • Is the painting done or nah?

    A huge part of the creative process is knowing when to finish a piece. What makes you decide that a painting is done? How do you know when to step out of the booth in the studio? When is an article edited to it’s fullest? These are questions artists ask themselves all of the time. […]

  • News Fast

    I took a break from my Timeline to re-calibrate. I do this from time to time and almost always find a step away from social media to be healthy. The first day or two back I eased into seeing what news was circulating, but by Day 3 or 4 all hell had broken loose online […]

  • Welcome back Arielle London, from yourself.

    Dear Me, You are dope. Let’s just start there. Only you know your experience, and only you know the balancing beam that you do one-handed cartwheels on. Well…some people have seen you do those cartwheels and they don’t know why; some don’t. They can’t comprehend it. But some do. Steer clear of the spirits who […]