you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


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  • I Am A Children’s Rights Activist, Not Prom Queen

    I Am A Children’s Rights Activist, Not Prom Queen

    I am an artivist on a relentless pursuit to improve the lives of children globally. That’s my mission and I make no mystery of my agenda. Being a children’s rights advocate means often not being exactly the most liked but luckily reality is not high school. This ain’t no popularity contest. In other words, I […]

  • How To Write A Memoir

    How To Write A Memoir

    Since we’re all busy reflecting on 2021, I am currently in the process of doing the same. And, since the year in review is looking like I overcame a lot of fears and experienced a lot of milestones, it’s time to reflect on perhaps one of the biggest professional milestones of not only my year […]

  • I’m A Certified Human Rights Consultant

    I’m A Certified Human Rights Consultant

    It’s official, I am a human rights consultant! Today I completed my consultancy training at the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights and I feel so energized about what’s to come in the New Year! I had been planning on taking this course for a long time and today was literally my first opportunity. […]


    Free Britney Spears from the abusive conservatorship she has been under for 13 years. No human being deserves to live under the constraints that Britney has found herself living under. Freedom is not a privilege, it is a right. To check out my latest song #FreeBritney, hit the play button on the audio on SoundCloud […]

  • Do You See You?

    Do You See You? tells the story of a young twenty-something Arielle London looking for love and finding it in the wrong places. This autobiographical account follows Arielle as she embarks upon a new relationship and a new journey studying Human Rights abroad in London, England. Except things aren’t all as they seem to be, […]

  • The American Oversight

    For years now you have heard me preach the importance of children’s rights, and lately you’ve heard me get a little bit louder. Chances are, that won’t be changing anytime soon. Vocal holds regular writing competitions and when the opportunity to enter a challenge titled (Un)Common Knowledge presented itself, I had to present the current […]

  • Hear Me Roar: International Women’s Day 2021

    Today is International Women’s Day 2021, an important day for recognizing women everywhere across all socially constructed divisions and arbitrarily decided upon lines. On this day it is important that we reflect on who women are and why we recognize our gender on this day. Being a woman is increasingly understood as an identity and […]

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  • DAY 25: Happy New Year!

    ‘Twas the evening before 2021, and all throughout the world… ah fuck it, this shit is over!!!! 2020 was supposed to be a year of milestones for a lot of us, and it turned out to be a collective turning point for all of us. The famous “pivot” mantra had me thinking of athletics and […]

  • DAY 16: I Am A Feminist

    Regardless of how that headline makes you feel, I am a feminist. I am a proud feminist at that, one who believes in equality between genders in all regards. It comes with the package of being a human rights advocate but also just a conscious mind. I was reflecting on someone that I know, a […]