you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.



TRIGGER WARNING: The following documentary contains very serious subject matters and includes themes such as sexual assault, violence, human rights abuses, pain, and various other disturbing experiences.


#MentalHealth: A Documentary was a project that helped me heal immensely. I knew that I wanted to speak about my experiences and share much of my testimony with the world, but when you start a project like that, especially on your own, You don’t always exactly know which direction the project is going to go in.

I knew that day years ago when I started speaking directly into my camera and discussing the very things that I was detangling in therapy, I knew that I was going to make a difference for someone. When I started recording I was honestly thinking more about helping you, the viewer, but in the process, I really truly and honestly helped myself.

The healing process is a funny thing, in that you have to grow exceptionally patient with time. Your faith and belief in yourself and your abilities has to grow to a place that is practically unwavering. And, you ultimately have to honor your real purpose on this planet every single moment of every single day.

What you are about to witness in my documentary is a level of wrongdoing they didn’t even prepare me for during my Master’s degree at UCL in Human Rights. However, luckily for myself and my work in the children’s rights field, UCL did prepare me for a lot. Thank you to UCL for that.

And, thank you to all of the musicians and artists out there who get vulnerable on the microphone, with a pen, a camera, or whatever their artistic medium of choice is, and they share their experiences with us through melody so that we can have a beautiful soundtrack to our lives.

I would like to thank myself for never entering a room and leaving without the lesson that God intended me to learn when I crossed that threshold. And thank you to God, for always taking me back across that threshold when I did not belong in that room.

Lastly, I would like to thank Daniel, my head guardian angel, my best friend who passed away at 15 years old and all of the other six angels who ride with him through the heavens, the galaxies, the universe, and all realities, day in and day out, Mike, Alex, Scott, Jeff, Marissa and Ben. Y’all are the real MVPs.

This one is for the psych ward survivors and the current victims of the system. My responsibility as a free individual is to you. I will not, do not, and refuse to forget our plight, and I would ask all of those viewers who are unfamiliar with the evils of psychiatry, the prison industrial complex, and torture tactics that are supposed to be protected by The Geneva Conventions to watch with an open mind.

– Arielle London

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