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  • DAY 29: Mixed Emotions

    When you experience mixed emotions it can be quite the wild ride. With this 30 Day Challenge coming to an end tomorrow, I thought I’d be ecstatic about it being over, but in reality, I don’t know how to feel. I’m fairly certain that the behaviours I adopted during these 30 days (minus the daily […]

  • DAY 28: Decisions

    The decisions we make, whatever the size, shape the outcomes of our lives. Sometimes inaction is the best action and that is why yesterday I did not post. I made an executive decision to skip the blog post for the day but maintain the other tenants of my 30 Day Challenge. With only 3 posts […]

  • DAY 26: Welcome 2021!

    Welcome to 2021! Today is day one of another 365 day cycle of time. You can choose to spend any moment doing right by yourself or you can choose self-betrayal by not living authentically. I choose me. I needed 2021. Hopefully the world is ready to embrace the challenges we collectively face. Either way I […]

  • DAY 25: Happy New Year!

    ‘Twas the evening before 2021, and all throughout the world… ah fuck it, this shit is over!!!! 2020 was supposed to be a year of milestones for a lot of us, and it turned out to be a collective turning point for all of us. The famous “pivot” mantra had me thinking of athletics and […]

  • DAY 24: Read The Signs

    Whatever stage you are at right now in life, just know that there are ample lessons to be learned from it. Our world is ever-evolving, always changing and often full of signs directly spelling out these messages as clear as a “Stop” sign. The bright red commands your attention, and the four-lettered word instructs you […]

  • DAY 23: 100 Unsung Prayers

    100 Unsung Prayers A poem by Arielle London Breathe in a holiday Breathe out a moment to sleep You relinquish thoughts You preach your wrongs You even rap in your dreams Tell me Why does it always start the same And end somewhere so deep Did you lose your way Along the space Or time […]

  • DAY 22: Adulting

    Being an adult is learning that you can’t always do the thing that you want to do, but rather you should do the right thing. Whether that is the responsible thing, the productive thing, or the moral thing, as you grow so does your relationship with doing what is right. When you’re a child you […]

  • DAY 21: Oh Ya, It’s A “Challenge”

    The thing about a challenge is that it is challenging. If you didn’t at some point want to quit, or want to cut corners around rules or cheat, then it wouldn’t even be a challenge in its nature. It would simply be a task. I set 3 main attainable goals for my 30 day challenge, […]

  • DAY 20: Peace of Mind With Taraji

    I am officially 2/3 of the way through my 30 day challenge and I can tell you that I definitely notice a difference in my day-to-day routine thus far. Still, I will save the observations and conclusions for the end of the 30 days. When I have officially completed my goal. Tonight I wrote an […]

  • DAY 19: Xmas Reflections

    Christmas Day has come and almost gone, but one thing is for certain, it has not been without reflection. Christmas is one week before the end of the year, and this Christmas was particularly quiet, so reflective thoughts naturally entered my brain. As I did an inventory of my life’s goals, and I considered where […]