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  • Verbal Jurisdiction: My Art, My Love, My Joy, My Music

    The thing about putting out music is that you change. You evolve. Over time we grow and in my case as I have grown my mind has cemented. That might sound unattractive to some, but those who know mental anguish know that they may have prayed for that cement to finally come into place. I…

  • NEW MUSIC: No One Wins At War

    This song is dedicated to every woman who has ever found their body as the battlefield. No one wins at war. Vocals & Lyrics: Arielle LondonInstrumental: The Fugees – Ready or Not I found this song in The Vault tonight. The lyrics were too relevant for the time not to release. At a moment in…

  • My 70-Song Playlist Getting Me Through COVID-19

    Discovering new music is one of the greatest joys in life. If you’re like me, finding that new song to add to your playlist gets you excited kinda like when the ice cream man used to come through. Except instead of sugary treats on overload they deliver fire beats, poignant lyricism, something to dance to,…

  • Van Gogh of Rap

    When it comes to many different types of art, people are completely fine, and totally normal about you being an artist. It’s like, “oh you paint? Cool. That’s nice, you paint in your leisure time, that’s really nice for you.” You know, that kind of response. But if you’re a rapper, or a singer, it’s…

  • “Snippet Mini Concert” on Instagram

    Ch-check it out. All songs featured in the mini concert available in full on SoundCloud.

  • MUSIC VIDEO: The Devil’s Mistress

    ***Trigger Warning*** If you have been following me for some time you’ll know that I am vocal about being raped by an ex. The reality of these situations are that you often don’t always know how to harness your energy in regards to the assault. I use writing. I use art. I use music. ”The…

  • NEW MUSIC: Chess Moves

    Can’t stop, won’t stop. Check out my latest single “Chess Moves” produced by Scar, available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

  • NEW MUSIC: Broken Promises

    “The truth about broken promises, is you learn which ones to keep.” Check out my new single “Broken Promises” produced by Ant Chamberlain and LC Beats on SoundCloud or YouTube!

  • NEW MUSIC: Break The Bag

    Sometimes the story you want to tell with your art is just waiting on the tip of your tongue. And sometimes it takes years to figure out how to frame it. If I had released previous attempts of telling this story I wouldn’t have gotten it right, and it definitely wouldn’t have had the perspective…

  • NEW MUSIC: Not Your Ex-Girlfriend

    I may be a lot of things, but one thing that I can guarantee you is I’m NOT your ex-girlfriend. Too often we project characteristics from our past relationships onto our new ones. We are influenced by the ghosts of our dating past to assume that the next person is the same as the last.…

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