you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


About Arielle

Arielle London is synonymous with children’s rights.

If you could microscopically analyze Arielle London’s biological makeup you would discover that she is composed of “children’s rights” molecules in her most innermost atomic form.

Arielle has been a children’s rights advocate since childhood. Having had a difficult childhood in many ways, Arielle began researching the children’s rights issue as soon as she learned how to index and research in her elementary school library.

Throughout Arielle London’s academic career, she took every opportunity to study, research, learn, analyze and comprehend the children’s rights plight in an effort to solve the crisis at hand.

It has been 33 years since the signing of The UN Convention on The Rights of The Child, CRC, and in that time period, Children’s Rights have advanced and stagnated globally. Arielle London aims to address that stagnation with every lyric, vocal, verse, beat, song, musical project, painting, book, article, script, poem, public speech, workshop, and tweet that she puts out into the world.

Children’s rights is Arielle London’s Northern Star.

An artist in childhood, Arielle was one of the two “singers” in class. Arielle did various musical theatre productions during her early years, and even won The Award for Musical Theatre at her Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School Junior High Graduation. In between classes at Strathcona, Arielle began rapping in the staircases in the brief moments between one class and the next. As it turns out, Arielle has not stopped rapping since.

In 2011, Arielle was visiting Paris while studying at UCL in London. Arielle was invited to an event celebrating everyday people who are important to the arrondissement. She was then invited to “crash” a business event taking place down the hall with other guests of the event she was attending. Having never “crashed” an event before, Arielle decided to join. Soon after arriving at the business function down the hall, Arielle noticed a vacant room with a vacant stage that was adjacent to the room she was currently in. Arielle walked passed the empty rows of chairs all of the way to the microphone on the stage and began to sing Adele. Loudly. A moment into singing “Rolling In The Deep,” Arielle realized that the speakers were very much so on. After amassing a bit of a crowd and one particularly enthusiastic audience member, Security was called, Arielle stopped signing, apologized and explained to the Security that she did not intend on disrupting the business event at all. She and her friend, and her new friends as well, ran out of the building and down the street to spend the night partying at Chez Serge.

Arielle was back.

Ms. London spent the next few months during the tail end of her dissertation writing process rehearsing singing before spending hours doing research at the SOAS Library. During that time period, Arielle created The Child-Centric Framework, CCF.

CCF is the most crucial document one can consult in order to understand Arielle London. The Child-Centric Framework is a multidisciplinary comprehensive public policy theory that makes a clear ironclad case for the promotion and prioritization of children’s rights in policymaking. While the theory originally stems from a moral place and natural understanding, CCF in and of itself is a highly pragmatic theoretical framework as the state of the children’s rights discourse necessitated that exact type of a contribution at that time.

It is now over a decade later since Arielle completed CCF and shared it with the world, and Arielle London is at present very actively working on the next phase of The Child-Centric Framework, CCF-2.

After completing her Master’s studies in England, Arielle returned to Canada to a very different social climate than prior to her departure. This became very clear to Arielle fairly quickly but ended up with highly detrimental and destructive consequences for Arielle’s life in every way. In May 2012, Arielle was forced to enter the prison industrial complex via the psychiatric system due to slander against her name that had very serious consequences for her personal life, career, and health.

Individuals in Arielle’s immediate circle organized her entry into a psychiatric hospital by creating a false narrative that Arielle was supposedly “suicidal” when she was not. This led to years of forced confinements, forced medication treatment orders, physical torture, the destruction of her metabolic regulatory system and many painful and heartbreaking side effects.

Arielle did not give up.

Today, Arielle is now recovered in many ways and continuously, just like all human beings, still in recovery from trauma. Arielle utilized her health sciences background to recover her physical health, did copious amounts of research, spiritual work and emotional healing in order to get back to a place where she smiles again, laughs again, dances again, sings again, and creates again in a manner that she recognizes.

Arielle is a warrior, and definitely a proponent for the liberation of the innocent prisoners of the psychiatric system, the prison industrial complex, and those who experience inhumane torture worldwide.

Arielle loves to paint abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas along with some other materials such as glitter, gems and more fun items. Arielle creates music that resonates with her soul and sounds melodically pleasing to her ear. Arielle now produces her own beats, knows how to play a few instruments, writes all of her songs, freestyles off the top, and dances as if no one is watching even when there is a crowd.

Arielle London refuses to accept the status quo as any acceptable form of status, and also refuses to subscribe to a script or life written by someone else for her.

Arielle is in a beautiful chapter of her life right now and looking forward to continuing on the journey of seeing how the universe, destiny, God and herself write the rest of her story.

Arielle London is children’s rights; Yoko Ono and Tupac combined.

Arielle is also the author of the book, Do You See You? available for purchase on

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