Author: Arielle London

  • NEW MUSIC: Mar-a-Lago

    NEW MUSIC: Mar-a-Lago

    I have been on a journey. This journey has brought me to a place where I not only see my smile, but I can feel my smile all over me. Life is this incredible process of discovering who you are and balancing that with living in the present, walking (and sometimes running) towards who you […]

  • NEW MUSIC: Soul On Fire

    NEW MUSIC: Soul On Fire

    “I set my soul on fire for you.” Stream my single Soul On Fire on the platform of your choice! Make sure to check out the music video on YouTube! Shout out to Fly Away Music and Media Studios for bringing this vision to life as always!

  • The Devil’s Mistress Is Now Available Across Platforms Worldwide

    The Devil’s Mistress Is Now Available Across Platforms Worldwide

    Years back, when I was just starting out as a recording artist, I recorded a song called The Devil’s Mistress, TDM. TDM was a representation of all of the anger and confusion I had experienced as a survivor of relationship rape. Charles Hamilton had sent me the beat, and the words just flowed out of […]

  • I Am A Children’s Rights Activist, Not Prom Queen

    I Am A Children’s Rights Activist, Not Prom Queen

    I am an artivist on a relentless pursuit to improve the lives of children globally. That’s my mission and I make no mystery of my agenda. Being a children’s rights advocate means often not being exactly the most liked but luckily reality is not high school. This ain’t no popularity contest. In other words, I […]

  • I Got Me: 10 Years Since The Lie

    I Got Me: 10 Years Since The Lie

    I have nothing to prove. To anyone. I spent years on and off being monitored around the clock by psychiatric inpatient teams, constantly on camera, constantly being poked and prodded with the stimulus of their choosing, and then watching them write down some variation on the truth (or just completely blatant lies) in the notes. […]

  • New Single Sex Ed Is Arielle London’s Producer Debut

    New Single Sex Ed Is Arielle London’s Producer Debut

    I am always the type of person to want for the music to speak for itself, but some pieces of art require a bit more context for full appreciation. Sex Ed is my production debut. Sex Ed is the first track that I have put out that I completely crafted from the ground up. Producing […]

  • #MentalHealth: A Documentary

    #MentalHealth: A Documentary

    There was a time where I was so scared to say anything that my mouth just simply wouldn’t move. My lips wouldn’t separate, my teeth would clench, and my jaw would stay firmly in place.  I was traumatized. But that day is not today. Today, I finally released a project that I have been working […]

  • Be There Certificate

    Be There Certificate

    I am officially a Be There certified mental health ally! That’s right, I am trained in the art of being a support for those struggling with mental health. This course is free of charge and immensely helpful as a tool to be there for someone who is truly struggling. You can complete the course at […]

  • “You’re The Girl Who’s Friends Died”

    “You’re The Girl Who’s Friends Died”

    With tears filled in my eyes, I remember getting the news. I’ll never forget it. I wandered in the very public shopping mall until I found a crease in the wall to collapse onto before finally succumbing to the floor. I was in Montreal and my best friend from Calgary was calling to tell me […]

  • Toxic Bae Music Video Now on YouTube

    Toxic Bae Music Video Now on YouTube

    The music video for my latest song Toxic Bae is now live on YouTube! Shoutout to OUHBOY on the dope production and Jake at Fly Away for the incredible recording, mixing and mastering on this track! To watch the full video press play below. Remember to share! Xo, A.