you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


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Can’t Say I’m Surprised

There’s a part of me that wishes that you knew how I feel, and then there’s this other part of me that is so fucking glad that you don’t, because at the very least that is something that is solely mine.

Today, we all saw what happened. I would like to say that there is a chance that you didn’t, but well… I’m not an idiot, am I?

I have known enough about my circumstances since I walked out of that movie theater years ago and then when I left The Bronx, New York years ago. & it really never surprises me just how selfish, greedy, self-serving and abhorable many of you can really be.

I am the type of individual who naturally sees life from a positive but realistic lens. It is often my ability to see the positive in the bullshit that separates me from others, but we also know that there is one really particular thing that does it… and none of you can take that from me either, although many of you have actually tried.

My anger today is the healthiest and most honest I have ever been. I miss my people. You would too.

All of them.

I will never forget this day. Ever. I will never forget the lack of kindness, understanding and humanity I was shown. I will never forget how I cried out of the sheer pure pain of missing the people I love. I will never let myself forget how I breathed in between the seething pain of feeling like a caged zoo animal on display for all of you to watch.

I will be reunited with my love.

I will be reunited with my people.

& I just might take Britney’s route and keep far from the public eye…

Because the truth is, your eye is blind to humanity.

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