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New Single Sex Ed Is Arielle London’s Producer Debut

I am always the type of person to want for the music to speak for itself, but some pieces of art require a bit more context for full appreciation. Sex Ed is my production debut. Sex Ed is the first track that I have put out that I completely crafted from the ground up.

Producing my own songs was always a part of the plan, but now that this portion of the vision is beginning to be realized I cannot help but feel grateful. Grateful for that very first time I decided to just “give it a shot” and see what I could do in Garage Band. Grateful for the gift of making music. Grateful for the chance to wake up and make music. Grateful for everything, grateful for it all.

This is the start of something… a new phase in my music journey. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this path and every single person who has helped make this creation of music possible.

Music saves lives.

Check out my producer debut and latest single Sex Ed streaming across platforms today!

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