you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


Do You See You? Book Reading

Do You See You? is my first person testimony with respect to an abusive relationship I experienced during my twenties. It was not an easy book to write, but it was an important story for me to share. There have been tears shed almost every step of the way, but they were almost necessary to see my smile again.

Sharing this project with the world is bittersweet, as I am sharing a lot of pain while also releasing it at the same time. At one point, all I knew for certain was that I would have to look at myself deeply in order to get through the situation I found myself in. In doing so, I decided to write a book.

In this Book Reading, I read the Dedication and Prologue of Do You See You? aloud to give you an idea of what’s inside the memoir. Do You See You? is available on Amazon in eBook & Paperback!

To watch the Book Reading, press play on the video below.

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