you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


Daniel, You’re My Best Friend

I see you in heaven, seeing me working my ass off and yet still flirting with making mistakes. I hear your voice in the background, “he’s a chump, move on.” You said it so many times, I don’t even remember who we were talking about now. To you, they were all chumps. That’s cause you never let me down. You always supported me and had faith in my decision making abilities. You called me “the smart one,” and you were no doubt the funnier of us two. It’s incredible how even in death, 18 years later, you can make me cry equally from laughter and also from missing you.

I wrote this song for you, well for us. It’s called “Daniel” (thought you’d dig that), very Elton John of me, truth be told you’re that iconic. You always will be. You were always destined for incredible things, I just loathe that you’ve made international news because of the way you died. I was watching The Crown (*spoiler alert*) earlier and had the misfortune of watching the episode where Prince Charles gets caught in an avalanche. If you’ve seen The Crown, you know that they spare no grain of salt when it comes to the details. I watched as the snow cascaded down the mountain at incredible speeds with incredible force. I felt the cold of each pressed together snowflake, and the equal heat of its prolonged touch, and I had to think of you. The way you died, all 7 of you, was not fair. I miss you and Mike all of the time, Alex and everyone else too. I just am linked to you in a way that I will never be able to fully understand nor describe to anyone else in my life. But, it doesn’t mean that I will not try.

Some bonds are eternal. Yours and mine will forever be a friendship that illuminates my life, because even if only in spirit, you are with me all of the time.

Nil Nisi Optimum, homie.

I love you,


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