you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.



DAY 23: 100 Unsung Prayers

100 Unsung Prayers

A poem by Arielle London

Breathe in a holiday

Breathe out a moment to sleep

You relinquish thoughts

You preach your wrongs

You even rap in your dreams

Tell me

Why does it always start the same

And end somewhere so deep

Did you lose your way

Along the space

Or time continuum

Where did it lead?

Are you the one

Without the sun

Shining down

On your pretty physique

Perhaps you are

Maybe you’re too far

From where the UV rays can reach

I miss the days

He said my name

Its something

So small to need

I created a monster

I relinquish this posture

From one more beneficial

To my speech

You always want truth

You read between lines

But poetry is felt

Not bleached

You can analyze fine

You miss Eckhart Tolle’s whole line

About being present

In every moment, just be

I sing to the birds

They chirp to the earth

And sometimes they

Sing back to me

Like a 100 unsung prayers

You look at the layers

Don’t comprehend

So poof, label them cray-to-the-z.

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