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DAY 12: Made In Chelsea Wedding

Before I even pressed play, I knew that this episode was going to be beautiful. Ollie and Gareth were getting married, how could it not be? But I wasn’t anticipating the level of beauty nor the emotion I would feel after a decade of watching Ollie come into his own and find the love of his life. Ten years ago, I was living in London when a posh and equally dramatic but hilarious show called Made In Chelsea aired. In the pilot episode was a long haired sensational character named Ollie. This week MIC fans all over the world had the blessing of watching Ollie marry Gareth and the entire episode was all the feels. If I could identify this entire episode with one word, I would choose the word love.

To summarize some of the love highlights of the episode (spoiler alert):

Tristan and Liv are now officially exclusive.

James and Maeva are on the same page in their relationship.

Emily and Harvey are back to being in a good place.

Sam and Zara have reconciled.

See what I mean? Love was definitely in the air. But for me the goosebumps and pure tears started towards the end of the episode when Ollie saw Gareth from across the Natural History Museum, Gareth in his white tux with Ollie in black. And then Binky spoke, making it clear that I had absolutely no control over my tear ducts and that Binks also has an incredible talent for speech writing. The vows were spoken eloquently, the room was decorated elegantly, and the married couple were a vision of joy and hope.

If you haven’t watched Made In Chelsea, I would suggest you begin from the start. But, if you don’t have the time to watch 20 seasons, just watch Season 20 Episode 12: The Wedding. This episode was easily one of my favorite 47 minutes and 11 seconds of television in history.

Congratulations Gareth and Ollie!

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