you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


DAY 8: Just That Type Of Day

Today was the type of day that you plan out but nothing goes accordingly. Looking back on these past 24 hours, I see that I did accomplish quite a bit, just not exactly what had I wanted to get done. The thing is, today had surprises and distractions that were unavoidable. More than being distractions I was mostly tending to pop quiz style responsibilities and that is never in poor taste.

It’s funny, because before I started writing this blog post I was kind of being hard on myself for not ticking off all of the boxes on my To Do List, but now I feel a little more relieved. Upon reflection I realize that I actually got quite a bit done, even if it wasn’t everything on my original list. And, now that I have had this opportunity to sit with the fruits of my labor I realize that this is adulting.

I often ask myself how I want to go about my day in the morning or the evening before, but I rarely take enough time to really think about how much I in fact did by nighttime. I am always so focused on what needs to be done that I don’t take that reflective pause; a brief moment before bed, where I’m not completely exhausted and can reflect on how the day truly went. I think that has been a major oversight. The whole point of this 30 Day Challenge is to instil new positive patterns and eliminate negative ones. I do not expect to be Arielle London 2.0 by Day 30, but I do expect to know a little bit more about myself by that time. And now, having only been at this challenge for 8 days, I can tell you that they call these things a “challenge” for a reason.

The thing is, for any change to come often a period of discomfort or definitely transition has to be experienced. That discomfort however is more like a sore muscle than a more severe injury. It just needs patience, time, to be massaged and stretched out. So feel free to dip into a pool of slightly warmer or colder water than you’re used to and challenge yourself. Even if it’s a 5-minute challenge, try something that you want to do and then go for it.

What do you have to lose?

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