you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


DAY 7: Might Wanna Read This One

Life will surprise you but, in that way it will always be consistent. Sometimes, the hardest thing you will ever do is nothing in a situation where you want to actually kick and scream. If you’ve ever watched The Crown, in this way we can all relate to The Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II often has to tell either herself or those around her the same thing. At the beginning, I didn’t fully comprehend how someone so powerful with the ability to influence a situation for the better could just “sit that one out” as a best means of recourse. However, as you grow up, you tend to learn that there are certain times where inaction is both the greatest and both most important action you can in fact take.

Life is about living it and also respecting its boundaries. Boundaries within yourself, boundaries of others, and boundaries of society are just a few examples of necessary lines that must be respected. One of the most important lines to respect is that of autonomy. Another is your threshold for pain. As an activist for human rights and mental health I do not say this lightly. Inaction and silence often goes hand in hand with patience, and patience is often required in situations that leave you feeling frustrated or even helpless.

You can pray on it, you can send well wishes, you can journal your feelings or paint your frustrations on a canvas among other things. There are things that you can still do that are active but not necessarily direct action. Recycle the energy towards a healthy end goal and find the clarity or peace you need in the situation. Let it settle over time. Breathe into difficulty and when all else fails… put on Mary J. Blige.


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