you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


DAY 6: Dr. Thema Tweets

I do a lot of healing work in my own life. I do the inner healing work so that I can be effective and responsible with the outer healing work. It is a process and one that I am learning to be more and more patient with every single day. Somewhere along that journey, I came across a pool of wisdom also known as “Dr. Thema’s Twitter” and began devouring the “twitt-erature” in front of me. It was literally prose in short form text that often could paint an entire image of my life in one tweet with one strong message.

The first tweet I saw, which is also Dr. Thema’s pinned tweet, struck every bit of my soul when I read it:

The words jumped right out of my phone and into my heart. I soon learned that the accomplished Dr. Thema is a minister, psychologist, professor, artist and author. And then I discovered that Dr. Thema also has a podcast called “The Homecoming Podcast” which is now often where I face myself the most. While Dr. Thema clearly states at the beginning of the podcast that it is not a substitute for therapy, it is a growth experience if you are open to growth. Overcoming mental health issues and learning to manage them is not a process that begins and ends with prescriptions or therapy sessions. It is one that you have to do in between as well. It is researching your issues so as to make sure that you are best equipped to handle them. It is finding ways to express yourself either creatively or otherwise. It is doing the work on yourself and putting in the time to allow yourself and your life to evolve organically. If you understand what I just wrote, and I haven’t lost you yet, then trust me, you’re going to want to listen to Dr. Thema’s podcast. In fact, if I did lose you… then you should definitely give it a listen as well.

When I see a Dr. Thema tweet, I trust the source. I also know that it is going to enrich my mind and enlighten my journey. In this post, I’ve compiled some of the most potent Dr. Thema tweets for your healing enjoyment.

Follow Dr. Thema on Twitter or Instagram and experience consistent gems of wisdom directly on your feed!

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