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DAY 5: The Early Bird

Good Morning Interwebs! Part of my 30 Day Challenge is making sure that I am awake by a certain time every morning. So far, most mornings, I wake up even before my alarm goes off and I start my day. This new feeling of having the entire day laid out in front of me (and new habit of trying to get into bed early as well) has left me feeling refreshed. Well, definitely in the mornings… at night, I am ready for sleep way earlier than before. But also, I am making a real effort to get into bed even earlier every night.

I wanted to incorporate waking up early into my 30 Day Challenge because even though I woke up fairly early before, I was inconsistent. And, with so much to get done in a day, and only 24 hours to do it, I figured that the earlier I get up, the more I can accomplish. Whether this is true or not, we will see by Day 30.

Last night Kid Cudi released his latest album Man On The Moon III: The Chosen. Right now I am listening as I write and it is the perfect soundtrack to this moment. Every song is as lit as the next. It’s full of beautiful lyrics, melodic beats (which sounds redundant but isn’t), and feels like a journey more than anything else. The 18 song tracklist gives you a peer into Scott Mescudi’s soul and his creative mind. It is not a rollercoaster experience because of the consistency of sound throughout but it is absolutely full of emotion. If you just feel the music you can feel the vibes, but if you catch the lyrics as well you can identify the depth. After everything this talented artist has gone through publicly, which he addresses a lot of on this album, it is hard not to feel so happy for him. This album is beautiful. My favorite part? Definitely his lack of fear in discussing difficult and highly stigmatized subjects through his art. It is an absolute masterpiece! Congratulations Kid Cudi!

See, the best part of waking up early is you can get things done that you want to do. I knew that this album was going to come out last night and was looking forward to listening to it since its announcement. Well, now I had the opportunity to do nothing but actually take in the album with focus. I am excited to put this album on repeat and catch the lyrics more fully in the future. And, I am looking forward to my day ahead accomplishing what needs to get done to the sound of Kid Cudi’s frequency. Lit, lit.

So, the early bird does get the special after all. Word to all my early risers out there, I see you, enjoying the whole day and shit… reaping the benefits of a full day and experiencing more sunshine. I’m still a fan of the moonlight, but I’m off to see what that sun has in store for me today.

Peace out!

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