you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


DAY 3: Energy Speaks

Energy speaks louder than words to me. For a writer, aka someone who has a deep love affair with words, you may be surprised to know that I pick up on your energy well before I do what you have to say. I am open and often eager to hear what others have to say, especially since everyone has something different to offer, but I am in tune with my intuition in such a way that I will read your intent before I do your statements.

I came across this meme on Instagram today and did the automatic like and screenshot combo, but then I took it one step further and immediately made this my iPhone wallpaper. “Your energy is your greatest asset. Protect that sh*t.” is a sentiment that I not only support but one that I am enthused to share.

You must protect your energy at all costs; too many people in this world are energy vampires that drain others in order to get by, and too many people are irresponsible with their own energy as well. Some people may not understand why you do the things that you do to protect your own energy, but I’ve got a secret for you… they don’t have to. No one has to understand why you move the way you move. They can inquire, and you can respond if you so choose, but you are under no obligation to answer. In situations where you are protecting your energy, you do not have to explain anything, you just have to be.

Sometimes protecting your own energy can look like setting boundaries and sometimes it is the opposite. Sometimes protecting your energy means opening up. In order to have a balanced energy you need to protect but also replenish. It is important to learn when your spirit requires you to retreat and when it requires for you to share. Whether that sharing is with a friend, family member, or any other human being is up for you to decide. No one walks in your shoes. No one knows your journey except you, and so you are not required to even give excuses but to honour yourself and where you are at.

Protecting your energy can also look like having a good night’s rest or maintaining positive friendships. It can be not showing up or making sure you are there. It can be saying “no” or saying “yes.” It can be setting up your environment so that it is inspiring to you. And, finally, to drive the point home… it can be doing you and embodying what it truly means to respect yourself by respecting what feels right to you.

Energy speaks volumes, all you have to do is listen.

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