you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


Verbal Jurisdiction: My Art, My Love, My Joy, My Music

The thing about putting out music is that you change. You evolve. Over time we grow and in my case as I have grown my mind has cemented. That might sound unattractive to some, but those who know mental anguish know that they may have prayed for that cement to finally come into place. I planned my structure, my mind was in ruins, and not by my own torch burning.

COVID tested a lot of us, myself included, but I knew I was being confined to my own home…I had been through worse. I worried about the women and children in abusive homes. I worried about the people I love and I saw that love grow.

During lockdown I wrote as much music as I could, because for me that is therapy. I also had regular therapy as well so as to secure my mental stability at such an unstable time. I had structured days, incorporated yoga and meditation, and studied skill sets I needed to acquire for a future career.

Today I released Verbal Jurisdiction: Part 1, my first EP in a 2 part series. Verbal Jurisdiction is about the careful balancing act we do every day regulating our thoughts and our speech. It is about using your right to freedom of thought, Article 18, and your freedom of expression, Article 19, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) effectively. Your survival depends on it.

Not all rooms are made equal.

To play Verbal Jurisdiction: Part 1 listen below.

Peace, love & light,


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