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Conversations With Nana: Explaining “Ghosting” To My Grandmother

My grandmother is a superhero. She volunteers at a hospital, she is always caring for someone in some way, and you never know what she’s gonna say. But bet, you’re gonna remember. She’s honest. In this world, that’s a rarity. A lot of the time she’s right. Often we get into long debates and one of our biggest fights was about Kanye West. She’s youthful, spirited and dresses better than me (but I would never even try and compete). She’s classic and elegant and has an eye for most things dope. Her character is one of a kind and she always wins at cards.

This week I had a conversation with her that was particularly hilarious. I asked permission from her first to see if I could write an article about it and she said I could, but I don’t think she’s expecting me to actually do this.

So we were talking on the phone and Trump came up. Before I know it my Nana is telling me a story about a friend of hers who always sends her Pro-Trump articles online. She has told him to stop before but he keeps on sending them. He claims he does this to all of his friends. So I asked her why she had not blocked him. She said that she is going to but she is going to send him a nice message first. I started laughing. I then asked her if she’d ever heard of “ghosting”. She said yes but she didn’t know what it meant. So I explained to her how us millennials will have relationships with people and then just block their numbers and stop speaking to them entirely. I joked that she should join us in the popular unhealthy trend. But in the end my grandmother said that she is first going to send him the nice message and then she will eventually block him.

It was a funny moment of inter-generational relations. My conversations with my Nana are epic. That’s cause she is. When I was hospitalized she was by my side throughout the entire ordeal. Not everyone was. That’s the type of loyalty you should cherish in life.

So yeah, my grandmother has the same sweatshirt as my best friend, but she does not take to our millennial trends. She’s old school, even about something as 2019 as blocking someone online.

I love you Nana.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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