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2019: New Year, Who Dis??

“New day, who dis?” by Arielle London, 2018

Some people approach the new year like a baptism…involving lots of alcohol. It’s as though in the hungover state we wake up in on January 1st we are renewed through the resolutions we make at midnight the night before. New Year, Who Dis?? is our approach walking from one year to the next, and maybe it’s not the worst type of thinking.

A sense of renewal is not a bad thing. For many people, the new year means little to much at all, it’s just another day out of the 365, but to others January 1st signifies something. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the year prior and make changes. That is typically the hardest part of the resolution thing…the follow-through.

To those of you looking to make changes in 2019, know that you can do it. Most incremental change takes place starting with baby steps. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because it’s true. However, some things in life require a good cannon ball approach; submerge yourself in what it is in life that you want. I hope you see results.

Sometimes life involves a lot of waiting and then there is the “doing”. Knowing how to decipher which one is which is a skill I’ve yet to master.

Everyone has a different path, and like the 2018 Ne-Yo song Back Chapters says “everybody got a past so the past don’t matter, everybody’s story got a few back chapters.” I have been listening to this song over the new year and thinking about the sense of renewal.

(AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

The cool thing about NYE is it’s communal, it’s celebrated all across the globe. But if you take the resolution thing to heart, or rather see it as a new start, it’s an evolution that can take place inside of you.

2019 is here and 2018 is our back chapter now.

Happy New Year all,


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