you can take the activist out of the society but you can’t take the activist out of the activist.


News Fast

I took a break from my Timeline to re-calibrate. I do this from time to time and almost always find a step away from social media to be healthy. The first day or two back I eased into seeing what news was circulating, but by Day 3 or 4 all hell had broken loose online on topics that I feel quite passionately about…so I joined the discourse.

Twitter has always been one of my more favorite social media outlets. I’m a writer and Twitter is a writer’s medium. By now I’d say maybe SoundCloud has surpassed Twitter as far as my affections go for sharing platforms online since it allows me to host my music; but, Twitter is the most effective way to receive News and Current Events curated to your interests.

It is also the most direct way to respond.

I like being direct, it’s in my nature. I find that being passive is inefficient. Why skirt around an issue if you can find a solution? Why not address something that is out in the open but not discussed? People are different, and so we gravitate to different things.

We have to respect that. We have to respect the differences in one another because it is that diversity that makes us beautiful. 

My favorite public spaces are those with people from all over the globe, or representing different communities. When we co-exist and partake in social activity together we can mend the divisions that divide us. An act of kindness towards someone from a completely different background can go a long way.

I say this because since returning to my Timeline I am finding a lack of respect for one another’s perspectives, as if there is only 1 correct point of view and everyone must abide. There is definitely discourse, which I love, but there is still so much judgement. This isn’t only a reflection of social media of course but also the world we live in. The only cure for being judgmental is actively exposing yourself to new people and new experiences. Maybe you don’t like that about yourself and want to change it, or maybe you’re cool with seeing your perspective as the “right” one. Either way, doesn’t influence what’s important to me.

Basically I’ve returned from my news fast to see that things are just as hype as ever. Sh*t’s always lit on Twitter.

– Arielle London

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